Visit the Local Pool Rooms

Any pool player owes it to themselves to visit the local rooms.  It’s special to meet new friends, shoot some pool, and help support the local owners.  Even if you only have an hour or two it benefits the sport and the people that support the sport.  It also helps support the local mom and pops operations.

If you don’t have time for a long pool game go by and have some eats and beverage of your choice.  We all have had local rooms close because of lack of patronage.

I always make it a point to find out about the local pool establishments and make an effort to show them some support; no matter how small, it all helps.  In most all large towns, Vegas included, you can go by and more times than not meet someone who had been in there for years playing. Strike up a conversation. You’re likely to hear about the one time “monsters” that played there or came through.  Part of what makes pool fun is hearing the history and the stories of the people that won the impossible games, took down everyone who came to town, etc.

You will no doubt meet some colorful people !

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