Intro to Pool Players Guide to Vegas

Are you going to play pool in Las Vegas ?

My name is Ed.  I’m writing this Pool Players Guide to Vegas to help people who are traveling to Las Vegas to play pool.

Happy Shooting !
Shoot great Pool !

It could be that you are going as part of league (CSI/BCAPL, APA etc) or maybe you just want to take a vacation to play pool in Las Vegas, (play pool first there’s always time to gamble at the casino’s)!

I’m attempting to provide a “one-stop” shop where every thing you need from booking flights to hotel to links on local transportation etc is located all on one website geared specifically for pool players.  Additionally I’ve added some links to pool merchandise and come general cool pool links that are might be useful. Also I’ll have some posts on various pool related subjects that might strike up some debate.  If you have ideas for posts or matter that should be included on the site just leave a comment or email me at:

Hopefully I’ve included information that will benefit you in your endeavor.  Remember a day playing pool in Vegas is better than any work day; unless of course you play pool for work !!  Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Hopefully this will turn into a living growing site that will benefit all concerned.  You can reach me via the comments here or at  Thank you for looking. May all your shots be straight and your safeties strong !

Good Luck !    Ed



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