CUE TIPS – Best Friend or Enemy

The Great Tip Debate –  Are Pool Tips your best friend or Enemy?

For decades the tip debate has ravaged on.  A tip you’re comfortable with can be your bestcuetips friend.  One you don’t like can seem like the enemy.  Soft, Medium, Hard, Layered, Non Layered, milkduds soaked in milk and just about any other kind of liquid you can think of.  Here is a LINK to a chart on hardness of tips. There are about as many tips on the market as there are women in a good crowded bar on a Friday night.  Some are soft and loving; some like to hover around the medium mark but you know have inner feelings that sway from soft and loving, to hard and outrageous; and some are just out there in the face, hard with attitude !  Ok ladies I’ll give you that us men probably fall into these categories also. :)

But what “type of tip is the best”. I will clear up all debate and TELL YOU !  

Hopefully that got your attention.  Actually that can be debated until the cows come home and no one will have a right or wrong answer.  Even when you find the right answer you think it can vary depending on type of shaft you’re using, the day, how worn down it is…etc.. bottom line is there are probably an infinite number of variables.

Personally I like medium Ki-Tech tips (single layer) made by Mr. Renfro from Outsville.  See link to his website HERE.  This is the most consistent tip I’ve encountered.  I went on a “tip” binge a couple years ago.  Within 6 months I must have went through 20 different tips from different manufactures to degree of hardness.  I wanted to find first what hardness I liked; second a manufacture that made consistent tips.  A lot of seasoned players will tell
you there is nothing like an old Moori but they are quick to say the new Moori’s aren’t in the same class.  After a lot of trial and error I settled on a black Kamui medium.  Kamui sells a lot of tips because they are good and consistent.  I still felt that there was something missing but I couldn’t define it in my small brain matter.  After watching a TAR interview
with Shane Van Boening he stated that he used a brown (or tan) original kamui medium.  So I thought, what the hell…gotta try it… if Shane can load up a cue ball like he does then there must be something to these.  I ran out and got one on one of my shafts.  All in all it played pretty nice. Once I learned to channel my inner SVB I could do pretty much what I wanted and get whitey to where I wanted.

Shortly after that my world changed.

I was reading reviews and ran across some stating that the Ki-Tech tip was the best thing going.  Oh hell; I thought there I go have to try these.  Mr. Renfro had an outstanding offer
on a sample package (soft, med, hard) that I couldn’t pass up along with some of his newly developed white chalk at the time that he calls the Great White. For the price he was charging I said I couldn’t pass it up.  It was worth a try.  Tried the soft; wasn’t overly impressed but it was good.  Put on the medium and tried it and never looked back.  I was immediately more consistent with cueball control enough to realize it and could put any
amount of English on whitey that I wanted.  That has been over a year and half ago.  I play with that stick just about every day and break 8 and 9 ball with it and it still looks like the day I put it on.  Once in a while I scuff it some but that is about it. No mushrooming etc.

Disagreement on what type of tips always will exist and for the most part
there isn’t a direct correlation between the tip costing more and being

Some people consider some of the best tips are actually some of the cheapest.  The best tip is the one that you feel the most consistent with and gives you the feedback you desire an hopefully last.  You might have to experiment some to get it figured out; but once you do your game will be better off for it.  Go buy a new tip something you haven’t tried before and give it a go.
Selection of Tips can be found HERE.

I must add that I am not affiliated with Outsville in any way.  Just an honest review not motivated by endorsement, free product etc.

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