CHEAP Deals Las Vegas

DEALS1Where do you find cheap deals in Las Vegas?  Where are the best deals in Las Vegas?

You can get buy in Las Vegas without paying retail prices for just about anything.  Vegas caters to the tourist and conference industry so there are always deals and bargains to be had.  Where do you find such deals?

One of my favorite places to find deals is GROUPONS.  If you know about Groupons you already know that they offer incredible value for the money but most people tend to think of them only as a local thing and don’t consider them when they travel.

You can get fantastic savings by checking Groupon deals on the place you are about to visit.  Most entries are anywhere from 25-75 % offThis is a great way to try new things and maybe higher end restaurants for a fraction of what you would pay normally.

Another site to visit that has incredible deals is THIS ONE.  Here is where you will find the last minute kind of deals for things, hotels, airlines, and shows. You will definitely “feel superior” to all the other normal people that pay too much for want they want to do.

This site updates daily so check them often.

Another way to find great deals in Vegas when it comes to cuisine is look at early bird specials.  Many restaurants have early bird; happy hour specials on their cuisine.  If you arrive and eat before 6 etc you will find the same meal that you would pay double later for.  Check around this of course varies by eatery but don’t be shy about asking if they have an early bird specials.

Most pool players don’t wake up until the afternoon anyway, so this is definitely something to keep in mind !

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