Travel and Hotel

  • Booking Plane Flight

    Depending on where you come from will determine which airline you should fly with.  Las Vegas is serviced by over 2 dozen airlines with major carriers like United, Continental and Delta, discount companies JetBlue, Southwest and Virgin America, and transnational flyers Air Canada and Viva Aerobus.  For booking info check here.

  • Hotel Booking

    If you’re going to Vegas as part of team going to a National Event then you more than likely will have a hotel that will offer a discount (with a code supplied to you).  When you click on the link above to Trip Advisor you can select hotel also at that time. Trip Advisor has some of the best deals and you can locate whatever hotel you want on it and put in a code.

Here is a link to a good map to show you where you hotel is at.  click here

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