Before Traveling

Ok so you’re going to Vegas !  First Congratulations.  You’re in for a great experience ! Your first stop should be the Pool Players Guide to Vegas. You’re on the before traveling page so lets look at what you should be thinking before you travel.

  • Personal Cue Sticks

    Are you taking  your own sticks with you?  This is of course a personal decision but know if you can’t put them in your carry on baggage you are at the mercy of the airlines to check them in. Here is a valuable link to help you (just enter pool stick in the search bar on this site) …. click here

  • Cue Case

    You might think about getting a case for you cues so you don’t have to take some expensive case you might have.  Things tend to get beaten up by the airlines so you might want a cheaper case for your trip.  You can find reasonable cue cases from many places but I always check here first.


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