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CUE TIPS – Best Friend or Enemy

The Great Tip Debate –  Are Pool Tips your best friend or Enemy?

For decades the tip debate has ravaged on.  A tip you’re comfortable with can be your bestcuetips friend.  One you don’t like can seem like the enemy.  Soft, Medium, Hard, Layered, Non Layered, milkduds soaked in milk and just about any other kind of liquid you can think of.  Here is a LINK to a chart on hardness of tips. There are about as many tips on the market as there are women in a good crowded bar on a Friday night.  Some are soft and loving; some like to hover around the medium mark but you know have inner feelings that sway from soft and loving, to hard and outrageous; and some are just out there in the face, hard with attitude !  Ok ladies I’ll give you that us men probably fall into these categories also. :)

But what “type of tip is the best”. I will clear up all debate and TELL YOU !  

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