About Me

My name is Ed and I’m passionate about playing pool. I am a retired Army Veteran having spent over 24 years in the Army and consequently have worked for the Army as a civilian for over 14 years. In my time in my career I never got into playing pool very much.  Upon retiring from the Army I settled into a house and the first thing I bought was an 8′ foot pool table.  That was over 6 years ago.  Didn’t know anything about pool tables or pool at that time.  I started to immerse myself in books, DvDs, youtube videos, etc and ended up taking some lessons.

I don’t aspire to be much more than a league player at my age but I want to be the best league player that I can.

I presently live in San Antonio, Texas and play about 4/5 nights a week not including practice time on my table at home.  As you can see I do put some effort into it.  I’ll never be a top notch player but I’m ok with that.  I enjoy the challenge that the great game of pool offers and enjoy meeting and talking to people that have the same interest.

I hope that in some way my site is beneficial for you.  If you have comments please drop me a line at: