Intro to Pool Players Guide to Vegas

Are you going to play pool in Las Vegas ?

My name is Ed.  I’m writing this Pool Players Guide to Vegas to help people who are traveling to Las Vegas to play pool.

Happy Shooting !
Shoot great Pool !

It could be that you are going as part of league (CSI/BCAPL, APA etc) or maybe you just want to take a vacation to play pool in Las Vegas, (play pool first there’s always time to gamble at the casino’s)!

I’m attempting to provide a “one-stop” shop where every thing you need from booking flights to hotel to links on local transportation etc is located all on one website geared specifically for pool players.  Additionally I’ve added some links to pool merchandise and come general cool pool links that are might be useful. Also I’ll have some posts on various pool related subjects that might strike up some debate.  If you have ideas for posts or matter that should be included on the site just leave a comment or email me at:

Hopefully I’ve included information that will benefit you in your endeavor.  Remember a day playing pool in Vegas is better than any work day; unless of course you play pool for work !!  Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Hopefully this will turn into a living growing site that will benefit all concerned.  You can reach me via the comments here or at  Thank you for looking. May all your shots be straight and your safeties strong !

Good Luck !    Ed



CHEAP Deals Las Vegas

DEALS1Where do you find cheap deals in Las Vegas?  Where are the best deals in Las Vegas?

You can get buy in Las Vegas without paying retail prices for just about anything.  Vegas caters to the tourist and conference industry so there are always deals and bargains to be had.  Where do you find such deals?

One of my favorite places to find deals is GROUPONS.  If you know about Groupons you already know that they offer incredible value for the money but most people tend to think of them only as a local thing and don’t consider them when they travel.

You can get fantastic savings by checking Groupon deals on the place you are about to visit.  Most entries are anywhere from 25-75 % offContinue reading CHEAP Deals Las Vegas

The State of Pool

The State of Pool…Where does it stand?  Are things getting better in the
pool world or worse?  Years ago when I started playing I would read articles both
ways on the subject and I kept thinking in my shallow mind at the time why
are they even worrying.  At that time I was new to the game; played in a
couple leagues and was generally having a blast.  Looking back at it I could
say it was certainly a way to have fun with colleagues and drink; and try to
play our best game of pool besides.

I used to be amazed at some of the better players I watched playing. How could they do the things they do with the cueball etc…  

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Visit the Local Pool Rooms

Any pool player owes it to themselves to visit the local rooms.  It’s special to meet new friends, shoot some pool, and help support the local owners.  Even if you only have an hour or two it benefits the sport and the people that support the sport.  It also helps support the local mom and pops operations.

If you don’t have time for a long pool game go by and have some eats and beverage of your choice.  We all have had local rooms close because of lack of patronage.

I always make it a point to find out about the local pool establishments and make an effort to show them some support; no matter how small, it all helps.  In most all large towns, Vegas included, you can go by and more times than not meet someone who had been in there for years playing. Strike up a conversation. You’re likely to hear about the one time “monsters” that played there or came through.  Part of what makes pool fun is hearing the history and the stories of the people that won the impossible games, took down everyone who came to town, etc.

You will no doubt meet some colorful people !

CUE TIPS – Best Friend or Enemy

The Great Tip Debate –  Are Pool Tips your best friend or Enemy?

For decades the tip debate has ravaged on.  A tip you’re comfortable with can be your bestcuetips friend.  One you don’t like can seem like the enemy.  Soft, Medium, Hard, Layered, Non Layered, milkduds soaked in milk and just about any other kind of liquid you can think of.  Here is a LINK to a chart on hardness of tips. There are about as many tips on the market as there are women in a good crowded bar on a Friday night.  Some are soft and loving; some like to hover around the medium mark but you know have inner feelings that sway from soft and loving, to hard and outrageous; and some are just out there in the face, hard with attitude !  Ok ladies I’ll give you that us men probably fall into these categories also. :)

But what “type of tip is the best”. I will clear up all debate and TELL YOU !  

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